The current situation

The KDM Girls’ Hostel is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donations. 

If it had not been for Mr. Padma Namgyal’s kindness in leasing the whole building complex for last ten years at the minimal charge, it could have remained merely a dream of Mr. Nawang Samdup. After seeing the benefits and changes that is visible in the lives of these young and diligent girls, Mr. Padma aspires to sell the whole building complex.

The whole building and compound will cost around USD $70,000 and he agreed to lease the whole building for another two years, so that we have enough time to raise the money.

In the last 10 years, about 70 girls have benefited from this noble project. They graduated from high schools and continued with their further studies in various parts of India.

However, every year there are tens of requests which the hostel has to turn down due to lack of funding. Due to financial reasons many girls are deprived of gaining higher educations and end up compromising their future. 

Please donate whatever you can to support this project and secure a proper accommodation and education for these bright and brilliant girls.